Summer Entertaining al Fresco 

Entertaining friends at the beach is on top of my list this summer. Today as we approach the 4th of July weekend , I’ve borrowed from the creative geniuses Mike Ragan and Michelle Paranish. My fellow Editors at CVLUX California Vibe who shared with me images of their beautiful layout in the Spring/ Summer issue on dining al fresco.

Read the article below:

The Seas Gift 1

The Seas Gift pg 2

Be the “host with the most, ” flexing our creative genius gents is not only fun but can be meditative and productive. Entertaining may be the key to closing that business deal, aligning that lover and most of all plain ol demonstrating appreciation for your friends and loved ones.

In need of inspiration ? Start a Pinterest board, breeze through magazines , cut out recipes but most importantly follow us at for your entertainment needs.


Steve E. Galindo -Style Editor

Modern Living Publishing, CVLUX California Vibe

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