Summer Beach Bro Color @ Salon Kazumi – Beverly Hills 

Achieving #beachbabecolor can be intimidating, what will my friends say about my coloring my hair. Who cares!?

Let’s not let other people’s qualms about sexuality or  “proper conduct” deter you from living to the fullest. We are the masters of our destiny and in today’s milleniim individuality is applauded, let your flag shine. For a long time I was hesitant to dye my hair because of fear of being judged as too queer or whatever. It may be that I’m in a different decade of life that these hang ups no longer loom over me. Don’t get me wrong, they cross my mind but then I look them in the face and say -” I love you and embrace you, no longer shall you control me fear.” Bye ! Lol.

My pal Aaron Coleman at Salon Kazumi was a catalyst, we met at the opening party of Salon Kazumi not too long ago. I learned that the salon is well known amongst celebs and the community as the “brunette / blonde whisperers.”I expressed my interest encouraged to change my look and he warmly and funky encouraged me too. I came in two weeks later and Aaaron shaped my mane that is beautifully growing out and his bestie Kristina Tabb and I embarked on my journey to #beachbabecolor
Talk about a classy joint without the stuff news, I love coming in and hanging out with my new friends. Watch the progression throughout the summer.

Book your appointment today!

Salon Kazumi – 9725 S Santa Monica Blvd Beverly Hills, CA 90210 United States


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