How to “Spring Up” Your Winter Wardrobe in 2 Steps 

Winter gear typically involves darker colors, perhaps related to the heavy feeling of rain, snow and let’s not forget the freezing cold.

For Spring 17 we find a happy medium between the two spectrums by mixting both seasons (light and dark) with continuity to our Fall /Winter wardrobe as easy as a one two step.



Step 1.  Add light colors to your accessory assortment


( Watch: Elico Assoulini )

How to Spring this Look-Up:  Add a white bomber or light blue denim jacket and Voila!

Looking forward to FW17, @STAMPD NYFWM presentation,  I observed an advent to mixing light and dark. =Let us say goodbye to drab winter wardrobes.

stampd nyfwm 2017_21-1

stampd nyfwm 2017_16

Step 2: Light Denim and a return back to a regular fit.



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