Finding Mr. Right @ChappyApp

Tired of Mr. Wrong?! I know I am. Have you given up on finding love on the apps?

Don’t just yet. Here’s why.

ย It’s a Wednesday morning in sunny California and I find myself at Soho House L.A. for breakfast with the Founders of Chappy App – ย Actor Ollie Locke and Entrepreneur Jack Rogers.

To my surprise, these chaps are my age, impeccably dressed (which you know in my book is big) and SO friendly. ย Quickly, we jumped into great conversation about life, the app and our dating tendencies – the three of us eligible bachelors ultimately looking for love.

Fun fact, before our meeting I had scrolled through Ollie’s profile,while being matched for Mr. Right on the app!


I loved this and think itโ€™s genuine that heโ€™s on the app and uses it himself to find a relationship. Secretly, I must admit that I swiped leftย I shared that I had swiped left honestly because the pics he had did not due him justice., also I did not read his profile, he is a gorgeous man and had black and white pics.

Note: All Chappy photos must have a face in them which I think is classy. ย In my professional opinion, it’s best to commision a professional photographer for headshots and lifestyle shots. I shared with Ollie a picture I liked, in color ( above)

chappy mr right

Approach love like a job, it takes careful consideration, read the profiles through.

ย I shared with the boys that what attracted me to the meeting was that I have not found, within the app space, love that did not completely revolve around a one night stand. Myself a past user of the apps that will rename nameless, now in my thirties I seek more.

Nowadays, it is very hard to meet people in person.

However, Chappy App (partnered with Bumble) is a safe haven to find Mr. Rightย , but note a separate feature in case the wind is blowing the opposite way,ย Mr. Right Now.

chappy pic 2.png

Join a pool of like minded chaps of eligible bachelors looking for the ultimate in love, a partnership.

Download the app today and start your journey to find Mr. Right,

you are not alone.




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