Italian Streetwear, #PittiUomo Edition w/ @CesarePaciottoBeverlyHills

In lieu, of Pitti Uomo happening around the globe in Italy I reached out to one of the hottest brands of Italian footwear based out of LA

Recognizable for their craftsmanship and strong aesthetic which manifests in the use of color, texture and/or lighting, Cesare Paciotti footwear makes an unarguable statement of presence.

With Italian style being at the forefront of fashion for centuries, Paciotti keeps you in the now with a mixture of tradition and street grit. A mixture we see this week at #PittiUomo , a manifestation of the best luxury has to offer often inspired by streetwear fashion. Here, at the capital of style, the Β world gathers as a sort of culmination Β to display the latest in meanswear.

In Beverly Hills we gather for this very thing @CesarePaciottiBeverlyHills



Photography JTP Studio

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