3 Day Health Cleanse w/ @GianLuca_Mech_USA Italian Herb Diet Supplements

My dear friend Piera Blodwell, Owner of W House LA Showroom, an Italian maven and style connoisseur in Los Angeles, recently invited me to her new showroom for a tasting of the Gianluca Mech Italian diet. .

A 3-Day cleanse , which I recommend taking on over the weekend, do not fret the all natural herb supplements are not lethal nor are they meant to be taking solo.

You will incorporate these supplements and methods into a well balanced meal regimen that will help jumpstart your metabolism by eliminating complex sugars and alcohol.

What is Decottopia ? A method of processing and transforming medical plants in a centuries-old liquid preparation without the use of alcohol, sugar and preservatives. The secret, " the therapy of ten plants"


1. Before breakfast and before lunch – we take one EnergizingTonic tablespoon with 1/2 glass of water ( below )

2. During the day – 2 tablespoons of the Diuretic Tonic diluted in 1.5L of water

Pre- Detox Stage, From Day 1-3

1. The whole process starts with your morning tea or coffee with 1 Italiano Diet Alimentary Portion IDP ( the gold package above ) which is added to your cappuccino or latte minus the sugar or additives.

2. Mid Morning or Afternoon snack – repeat Step 1 plus + an Italian Diet Alimentary Portion.

Note: The I.D.P ( example below ) consists of individual packaged herb servings meant to be added when preparing food. Each package contains 18 grams of proteins and the Tisanoreica Activator: a mix of ten plants whose properties

a. Encourage proteolytic activity and increasing availability of nutrients

b. Stimulating digestive and liver secretion and improving intestinal peristalsis.

Spokesperson Eva Longoria lives by it, Gianluca Mech's methods have been written about in several medical journals ( articles which you can find on his website ) and his methods are based on a long family tradition from arguably one of the richest cultures in the world.

My experience so far has been positive, my body has immediately reacted to the herbs, eliminating lethargy from what I think is my high sugar consumption. I am a huge advocate to holistic approaches to health and thus highly recommend the Gianluca Mech Italian Diet.


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