Men’s Hair Trend – Hair Color

I have been out and about all summer running into the coolest men embracing hair color. Let me follow up that statement with these men I spotted being straight, out about the town with their girlfriends.

The only reason I bring up sexuality is to break the ice on the misconception that only woman color their hair.

Note: Please do not take offense to the latter and maybe this may be a stereotype I only grew up with but in my opinion it is worth bringing up in this context.

Moving on, first let me attest to the fact that since I have gone blonde the reception has been night and day. It has literally transformed my appearance to the point where my own sister has encouraged me to never go "back to black" – literally and figuratively !

Therefore, I consulted with my hair colorist Luna @Room22SalonRepublic

– to give us the lowdown on hair coloring.

Luna had to hold my hand through the bleaching process and walk me off the ledge when we decided to go full on Atomic Blonde.  I was initially stocked but became hesitant once in the chair.

Comfortable with highlights, this was a big step for me, specially when I have been trying to conserve the length. However, with a blend of Korean imported bleach and Olaplaex my hair has walked away unscathed and looking better than ever.

Here's what Luna, had to share about this emerging trend..

In lieu of summer fashion, try to stand out in a more subtle way with haircolor. Colors like Denim Bugle blue, Platinum Drift Wood and Dusty Rose Blonde can show your easy going side.

Shocker right, hair color can be subtle. In fact, i would argue that it's easier to rock hair color than it is to style oneself in these colors.

THESTYLEGUYDE – when dressing in neon and pastels opt for one piece in this palette and the rest in neutral to top of the ensemble.

“ cont. All three choices wear very well and usually last 2 weeks. You maintain the color with a conditioning home color refresher, or change it up without any risk of damage. “

The best part of going atomic blonde is that the darker regrow keeps on giving with a new edgier look after every cut ( Note: Refer to Zayn Malik on the August cover of Vogue )

Be prepared to turn heads ! Book your appointment today.


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